Bikini Saver/ Hovan's Medi Cream

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Bikini Saver (now called Hovan’s Medi Cream)

Bikini Saver (Hovan’s Medi Cream) is the original In-Grown Hair Cream that is guaranteed with regular use to clear and prevent in gown hair, bumps, razor rash,wax rash, and skin irritation on face, body, legs, bikini line and underarms. Highly effective and gentle ingredients go to work simultaneously on skin and hair on acellular level, whether you remove hair by waxing, shaving, laser or electrolysis. A jar easily lasts for two months if used daily. Only a small amount is needed since the product is concentrated.

• Resorcinol gently exfoliates (microscopic peeling action).

• Vitamin A opens the follicle for the resorcinol to work on a cellular level; it weakens the hair so that it grows straight out of the skin rather than curl back in. Within 2 weeks, the hair emerges as a regular normal hair, which can then be removed by waxing or shaving.

• Bromelain is a food grade enzyme derived from pineapple which soothes and rejuvenates traumatized damaged skin into “baby face” smoothness.

• Australian Tea Tree Oil is added for unsurpassed antioxidant and antibacterial properties.