Bronze Buffer

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The only safe tan is a faux tan, but it’s nearly impossible to get a picture-perfect result,even when you turn to the pros. Until now, the only way to deal with mistakes has beento sit and wait for it to fade naturally, but with Bronze Buffer, you don’t have to live withfaux tan faux pas anymore. Bronze Buffer wipes away color instantly—like no other selftanremover.

Bronze Buffer was developed to refine and customize self-tanner results—even aftercolor has developed. Bronze Buffer is a soft cushiony sponge with no addedingredients or chemicals. With just a little water, Bronze Buffer’s gentle exfoliationinstantly removes unwanted self-tanner on the uppermost layers of skin. Use it on specifictrouble spots like elbows and knees or all over to tone down a too-dark tan, and the“points” are ideal for small areas like between the fingers and toes. Think of it asinsurance for your faux tan!

• Evens out streaks
• Eliminates stained palms
• Removes buildup on knees and ankles
• Lightens too-dark color
• Gets between fingers and toes
• Use before self-/spray tanning to eliminate spotty color
• Removes deodorant from clothing

When used dry Bronze Buffer takes the fear out of faux tanning, so everyone can enjoy a golden glowwithout exposing their skin to the damaging effects of the sun—and help prevent wrinkles,sun damage and skin cancer over the long-run.