Biotanix - Gorgeous Eyes - Fine lines and firming


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Gorgeous Eyes

Don’t let wrinkles weather your glitz, your glam, you razzmatazz! Get your beauty sleep in just a few minutes and feel younger. Soak away the effects of life’s heavy demands and visualise being forever young in body and mind!

The Experience

The regenerative and protective extracts of the English Ribwort Plantain (Plantago Lanceolata) assists the enhancement of Collagen synthesis to help reduce the appearance of fine lines. It also has a powerful repair formulation to help refine your complexion.

The natural vegetable astringent obtained from the Oak Apple (Liftonin®) demonstrably but gently firms the skin whilst valuable mineral elements from the millet extract nourishes the skin and strengthens the cell structures, thereby helping to improve the skin’s matrix.

About Biotanix

The eyeSlices® Biotanix Retail Range is an innovative creation from iSlicesTM - the natural essence of nature combined with bio-innovation to bring about a quick-fix solution to all common eye concerns. eyeSlices® is a global first in cryogel polymer technology, a dermal delivery system that helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness & dark circles, wrinkles, tiredness & redness, allergy symptoms in just 5 minutes.

This technologically advanced dermal delivery pad is unique in that it provides an instant cooling sensation without a fridge. The thermo-gymnastics effect on the skin stimulates circulation leaving you with a soothing sensation and comfortable. eyeSlices® is re-usable up to 10 times. It is manufactured through a natural & non-toxic process.

The eyeSlices® Biotanix Retail Range is available in:

  • Beautiful Eyes
  • Clear Eyes
  • Gorgeous Eyes
  • Bright Eyes