Biotanix - Clear Eyes - Seasonal irritants

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Clear Eyes

eyeSlices® Biotanix Clear Eyes helps keep you carefree, light hearted, cheerful, relaxed and in a good mood even when the irritants the change of season brings, tries to get you down.

The Experience

Keep your eyeSlices® close at hand after those happy moments of outdoor life, encounters with Mother Nature and time with your four-footed friends. Enjoy 5 minutes of relief and visualise a healthy, balanced life!

Soothe the effects of irritants with the unique formulation of eyeSlices® Biotanix's Clear Eyes. The anti-irritant properties of White Horehound (Marrubium Vulgare) aerial part extracts, help soothe and calm irritated eyes caused by everyday allergens. Butchers Broom extract, contains ruscogenin, an active ingredient of Perfeline® known to aid in the removal of cell waste products. Ruscogenin also has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the tissues through its anti-elastase activity.

About Biotanix

The eyeSlices® Biotanix Retail Range is an innovative creation from iSlicesTM - the natural essence of nature combined with bio-innovation to bring about a quick-fix solution to all common eye concerns. eyeSlices® is a global first in cryogel polymer technology, a dermal delivery system that helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness & dark circles, wrinkles, tiredness & redness, allergy symptoms in just 5 minutes.

This technologically advanced dermal delivery pad is unique in that it provides an instant cooling sensation without a fridge. The thermo-gymnastics effect on the skin stimulates circulation leaving you with a soothing sensation and comfortable. eyeSlices® is re-usable up to 10 times. It is manufactured through a natural & non-toxic process.

The eyeSlices® Biotanix Retail Range is available in:

  • Beautiful Eyes
  • Clear Eyes
  • Gorgeous Eyes
  • Bright Eyes