Biotanix - Beautiful Eyes - Tiredness and redness

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Beautiful Eyes

Paint the town red, live it up, have fun and celebrate the fact that you have the solution to your tired and red eyes with eyeSlices® Biotanix Beautiful Eyes.

The Experience

First thing in the morning after a late night, reach out for your eyeSlices® and spend 5 minutes reviving your eyes for the day ahead, while you visualise seizing the day and making your life extroadinary!

The Ingredients

Revive with eyeSlices® Biotanix's Beautiful Eyes. The extracts of the Alpine skullcap's (Scutellaria Alpina) aerial parts help soothe and restore red and tired eyes. An active Lipid-replenishing process takes place, enhancing natural lipids to form an effective hydrating barrier. The active ingredient CellActive - Hydro's polysaccharides from the flesh of the apple behave like a sponge and form a lasting moisture deposit on the stratum corneum. Natural mono/disaccharides, fruit acids and tannins from the highly concentrated apple serum increases the freshness and radiance of the skin. This ensures that the skin cells are supplied with moisture-giving ingredients which continuously compensates for deficiencies.

About Biotanix

The eyeSlices® Biotanix Retail Range is an innovative creation from iSlicesTM - the natural essence of nature combined with bio-innovation to bring about a quick-fix solution to all common eye concerns. eyeSlices® is a global first in cryogel polymer technology, a dermal delivery system that helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness & dark circles, wrinkles, tiredness & redness, allergy symptoms in just 5 minutes.

This technologically advanced dermal delivery pad is unique in that it provides an instant cooling sensation without a fridge. The thermo-gymnastics effect on the skin stimulates circulation leaving you with a soothing sensation and comfortable. eyeSlices® is re-usable up to 10 times. It is manufactured through a natural & non-toxic process.

The eyeSlices® Biotanix Retail Range is available in:

  • Beautiful Eyes
  • Clear Eyes
  • Gorgeous Eyes
  • Bright Eyes