PreHEELS 2.5 oz spray

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PreHeels creates a strong, lasting, invisible barrier on the skin to protect your feet from irritation and blisters.

Balms don't work. Bandages are ugly. In contrast, our proprietary formula dries quickly into a totally clear barrier that goes with any style and skin tone. It conforms perfectly to the unique shape of your foot to provide optimal coverage anywhere you need it, and because it stays in place, it provides a full 6+ hours of long-lasting protection from blisters, irritation, cuts, hot spots and chafing.

For any type of shoe, any source of friction.

INVISIBLE - Sprays on clear, goes with all skin tones  
FAST DRYING - Dries in just 45 seconds  
100% COVERAGE - No need for excessive bandaids here 
FLEXIBLE - Comfortably moves with you as you walk, run or dance  
HYPOALLERGENIC - Gentle on skin, dermatologist recommended  
WASHABLE - little scrub and it washes right off 
DURABLE - Made to combat strong shoe friction  
6 HOUR PROTECTION - Last all day or all night  
PORTABLE - Designed to be taken anywhere