Tassi - White

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The Softer, Stretchier, Faster, Easier, Gentler, Comfier Way to Hold Your Hair.

What Tassi Is: A soft, stretchy terrycloth hair holder with a patented pouch design that gently, comfortably and completely lifts and holds hair up and out of the way during face washing and moisturizing, applying andremoving makeup, bathing and showering, during spa, facial and massage treatments, while sleeping, exercising andother hair-raising activities.

What Tassi Isn’t: A tight-fitting headband, hair-pinching clip, brutalizing bobby pin, towering towel turban ortress-wrestling wrap that presses, messes, flattens, creases, twists and dents hair, requiring hair repair after use.

The Tassi is a patented hair product that solves a common problem by making it easy for a woman to keep her hairaway from her face and neck.

Here are some of the uses for Tassi: while washing her face, having a facial,performing any other skin care regime, applying and removing make-up, showering, bathing, tanning, getting amassage, microdermabrasion treatments, while waxing or plucking eyebrows, bathing, to relieve the pull of hairextensions, sleeping so extensions don’t get tangled, after applying nighttime skincare treatments or medication,while in a hot tub or sauna, while tanning, during childbirth, keeping little girls hair dry while in the tub, holdingrollers in place while sleeping, saving time in the morning, by washing hair at night and put it in a Tassi while theysleep, then style it in the morning, working out, after plastic surgery, even men with long hair love to wear theTassi.

The Tassi goes on quickly and easily and gently holds and lifts all of a woman’s hair without leaving any stray hair.Unlike headbands, clips or turbans, the Tassi does not flatten, twist or mess up hair. Women quickly fall in love withthe Tassi and it becomes a necessary part of their daily routines. They are eager to share the Tassi with familyand friends.

Comes in 16 colors:

New True Blue, New Coral, Lipstick Red, Leopard, Zebra, Pure Purple, Robin Egg Blue, Pink Polka Dot, Hot Pink, Soft Pink, Grass Green, Choclate Brown, Lavender, Aquamarine, Black and White.